Tips for maintaining/preserving and caring for leather items.

Saki uses leathers that have been thoroughly selected and are outstandingly natural
and haven't been treated.

Humidity can cause mould. Store your leather item in a cool, dry place and keep it
in its dust bag; stuff your bag with paper so that it will not lose its shape, leaving the shoulder strap outside.
Humidity can cause stains on leather items. If a leather items gets wet, gently pat the surface dry with a soft cloth and leave it to dry out completely in a ventilated place.
Leather items should not be cleaned with water, solvents or products containing solvents or water. Water and prerspiration could cause staining: dry items off as fast as you can, possibly with hot air (a normal hair dryer) at a 30cm distance.
Do not leave the item in direct contact with other leather items or plastic and/or nylon bags which could alter its characteristics.
Particular weather conditions could cause leathers that have a greassy feel on their surface to release oily substances; any such residue is easily removed with a warm, dry cloth.
Avoid leaving leather items in bright light for long periods of time to prevent discolouration; non-treated leather naturally tends to darken over time.
Leathers that feel silky and soft have no surface finish and may be damaged if they come into contact with materials that stain when wet; this is because the leather is completely natural.